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Give A Rattling About Your Recognition?



As you could recall, a couple of months in the past we surveyed criminal execs about what they imagine the best risk to their careers.

When you noticed the consequences, printed in April, that “reputational hurt” used to be criminal execs’ No. 1 worry. It used to be very not like Joan Jett — and really intriguing.

We would have liked extra information: What sort of reputational chance do you worry in particular, and what steps are y’all taking to offer protection to your recognition?

So, being our nosy selves, we despatched out any other survey, this one digging deeper.

Is malpractice extra scary than a knowledge breach? Are small companies dreading judicial sanctions, or is it social media that instills the real terror?

Take a look at this file from our pals at Embroker to be told legal professionals’ inner most, darkest, maximum self-centered fears — when you dare.




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