That Ass Is Felony! No, Significantly. This Prosecutor Attempted Getting Nudie Pics From A Defendant.


Legal Trouble

Justice is a lil wonky from time to time

Prosecutorial discretion, like jury nullification, is a kind of quirks about our court docket machine that simplest in reality works with excellent religion actors. Carried out smartly, it may be used to increase grace to a defendant discovered to be a sufferer of circumstance. Sadly, to err is human and Ronnie Goldy — one in every of Kentucky’s prosecutors — was once stuck being all too human.


The messages incorporated a number of cases through which Goldy stated he had performed one thing to assist Helton with a felony case, comparable to having court docket dates modified or warrants recalled, then requested her for pictures or movies, and a minimum of two through which she despatched him nude pictures.

In June 2018, for example, Goldy messaged Helton pronouncing “When do I am getting to peer a video.” Helton replied “When am I now not gonna have a warrant hahaha,” consistent with Logue’s findings. Goldy messaged again “Lol. Excellent level. Incentives by no means harm.”

In reality, dude? Without reference to what number of softcore movies you’ve watched on your spare time, who of their proper thoughts would abuse their authority with this transparent of a paper path?! For those who’ve ever been at the protecting aspect of an individual charged in Kentucky’s Tub, Menifee, Bernard Law Montgomery, or Rowan counties and had this man reverse you, you might have my permission to be frustrated. This can be a unhappy day for the guideline of regulation every time you listen that cops are getting stuck committing perjury or planting medication on witnesses, however to peer prosecutors doing nonsense like this in reality can damper one’s religion in our criminal machine. Fortunately, it looks as if we received’t ever have to fret about such things as this going to the easiest ranges of our federal court docket. And it isn’t as a result of Splendid Court docket justices’ neutrality are suspect as a result of their better halves are a part of massive controversies or the rest, regardless of that being the case.  The justices simply don’t have a code of ethics that they may in reality be charged underneath. Whad’ya do?

Ky. Prosecutor Suspended After Inquiry Unearths That He Sought Nudes From Lady []

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