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Wish to be the largest, baddest, easiest model of your self? Stick round for recommendation on methods to suppose it, then BE it, from Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Jeffrey has lengthy mentioned that his successes got here from the maxim “Assume giant and act larger” – that’s even the name of one in every of his books. He boasts that his force comes from his origins as a cowboy from South Dakota, however he minimize his enamel by way of purchasing and promoting 250 corporations and mountaineering the company ladder to develop into the executive advertising and marketing officer of Kodak. Alongside the best way, he discovered that companies and individuals are certain up by way of the tales they inform themselves and the justifications they depend on – stuff like “It’s at all times been accomplished this fashion” or “That simply isn’t conceivable.”

Ignite! with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey’s message can also be boiled right down to: It’s at all times conceivable, however understand that it’s going to value money and time. His insights are the treatment to an strange existence – and the important thing to opening up the chances. A large number of it merely comes right down to laborious paintings and asking the proper questions.



03:50  We began by way of speaking about Jeffrey’s e-book, Assume Giant, Act Larger, and what impressed him to write down it.

05:25  One of the vital issues that drives Jeffrey is understanding what he desires and proudly owning it. How does he take fee of that?

10:30  Some of the issues that may stay us from reaching our prerequisites of pleasure are what Jeffrey calls “squirrels of distraction.” The one method to do away with those squirrels, he says, is to prevent feeding them.

14:30  Jeffrey digs a bit deeper at the core ideas within the replicate take a look at.

16:50  On the subject of time control, Jeffrey is a huge fan of an inverted pyramid fashion. He says it’s one thing easy that he does on a daily basis.

18:35  In a global filled with distractions, how does Jeffrey stay himself targeted?

20:50  It’s most likely secure to mention that many trade homeowners have some type of ADD. With that during thoughts, Jeffrey talks about some methods he makes use of to stick within the second.

22:20  Jeffrey talks in additional element about what he manner by way of “cadence.”

24:10  The important thing to replacing the cadence round your workplace begins on the best.

25:00  With the entire mergers and acquisitions he’s been concerned with, what’s the greatest lesson Jeffrey has discovered.

26:35  Insurance coverage and fiscal advisors are patently going through some large adjustments at the moment, with regulators coming in with some game-changing laws. Jeffrey stocks a couple of courses with other people at the entrance traces of our trade.

28:35  Jeffrey offers his recommendation on how brokers and advisors can suppose giant and act larger.

29:45  Jeffrey has mentioned that some other people don’t wish to do the laborious paintings to achieve success. What precisely does he imply by way of that?







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