Segregated School rooms, Unmarried-Mum or dad Picnics and Beaten Maternity Wards


After Kabul fell to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, Western media assigned the crowd a brand new moniker: “Taliban 2.0.” Certainly, the Islamic fundamentalist crew that had dominated Afghanistan within the latter part of the ’90s — overseeing a theocratic regime that repressed girls, spiritual minorities and political combatants — promised to shape an “open, inclusive Islamic executive” and that ladies had been “going to be very lively within the society.”

Danish photographer Nanna Muus Steffensen, 36, has lived in Kabul since 2019. Because the global media slowly grew to become away, Muus noticed briefly how the Taliban started to renege on its guarantees and roll out a sequence of repressive measures, most commonly focused at Afghan girls. The caretaker cupboard put in in September was once created from hardliners — and no girls. That very same month, Afghanistan was the one nation the place women may no longer attend highschool. And in Might, girls had been ordered to hide their faces in public and to simply depart house when essential. It was once, says Muus, “a downward spiral over a 12 months.”

Muus’ photographic paintings has explored the numerous techniques — some on a regular basis and a few life-and-death — those restrictions have altered lifestyles in Kabul. Fewer girls are noticed at the streets, and the colourful clothes they as soon as wore has been swapped for darker clothes. Fewer girls are allowed to paintings, contributing to an financial disaster through which greater than 90 p.c of Afghans are affected by meals lack of confidence. The plunge of middle-class households into poverty way many can now not manage to pay for to visit non-public hospitals, inundating public maternity wards. And psychological well being problems are surfacing amongst a technology of ladies all at once stripped in their skilled and social selves. “Their complete id has been taken clear of them — their plans, their objective, their long run, their goals,” Muus says.







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